SPECIAL REPORT: The Wellbeing Barometer - 2024

The Wellbeing Barometer survey has become a crucial tool for schools, offering insights into youth mental health and wellbeing. By understanding community concerns and the nature of these issues, schools are better equipped to support families and foster meaningful conversations, thereby building stronger relationships. This survey is part of an ongoing, longitudinal study, with the results being instrumental in tailoring support for students and their families. Participation is strongly encouraged, as it provides a comprehensive view of students' experiences, challenges, and achievements over the past year.

Participating in this year's survey, will assist your school in identifying areas of strength and concern, as well as pinpointing opportunities for early intervention. The survey aims to capture a comprehensive picture of young people's lives, allowing for a tailored approach to enhance mental and emotional wellbeing.

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to complete either one or both of the surveys below, depending on the age of your children and the school they attend.

Please complete one survey for each child that you have in either primary or secondary school. There is no limit to how many times you can complete the survey. This will allow you to provide more accurate responses based on individual children.

Remember, all responses remain anonymous and should reflect observations made over the last 12 months. Survey results are only reported on an aggregated basis.

Click on the appropriate survey to start.

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